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All publicity is good publicity maj 4, 2007

Posted by Fredrik Gustafsson in _In English_.

Yesterday, I sent a press statement to the local dailies and a local radio station announcing that I will run for a seat in the Åland parliament and on the city council in my hometown Mariehamn for the Liberals on Åland. This morning, I found out that at least one of the dailies had picked up the story. The paper featured a fairly large article on my political views, classic liberalism, social liberalism and what the party president thought of my views that, to say the least, are in conflict with the party’s very social liberal profile.

That party president Viveka Eriksson of course made it clear that the party does not support some of my libertarian ideas such as a privatization of health care and schools. But she also stated that I am free to form my own opinions and that young people often have slightly more provocative view. She also made it clear that I regularly attend meetings and that I support the party’s programs. This is true, I do support the party’s views on the proposed municipality and school reforms and I am a hundred percent behind the party’s view on the language issue, which is a very important question on Åland.

In the end, I am of course glad that my announcement to enter politics was not ignored, even though the article tried to make the argument that there is a rift between me and the party, which is simply not true. I believe that both classical and social liberals can cooperate in the same political party as the two ideologies, after well, have a  lot in common . And as the saying goes, all publicity—especially if it involves a big picture of you on page six in the largest daily on the island—is good publicity.



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