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Hyperinflation mars 20, 2009

Posted by Fredrik Gustafsson in Nationalekonomi.

Som ni kanske redan har läst har the Fed börjat trycka pengar för att finansiera köp av statspapper, vilket är ungefär samma sak som att kasta ut nytryckta pengar ur en helikopter. Hittills har inte räntesänkningarna skapat någon inflation att tala om eftersom pengarna inte sipprat ner i ekonomin: de ligger i stället i bankvalven och samlar damm eftersom bankerna endast utökat sina reserver enormt, inte lånat ut pengarna. Med köp av statspapper kommer däremot inflation som ett brev på posten, och när den enorma penningmängd man redan skapat börjar sippra ner genom ekonomin, är risken faktiskt stor för hyperinflation i USA.

This is precisely what happened during the early years of the Great Depression. Then, as now, the Fed tried to pump more money into the economy via debt, but found few takers. This time around, the new money may, in the Times’ words, “remain dormant” for a while, but eventually, it will find its way into the circulating money supply, destroying the value of the dollar both at home and abroad and quite possibly creating hyperinflation that will wipe out personal savings and send consumer prices skyrocketing by hundreds or thousands of percent.

In post-World War I Germany, the German government, hard-pressed to come up with the enormous sums required to pay wartime debts and also punitive reparations imposed by the victorious Allies, resorted to the printing presses in a desperate bid to keep the country solvent. The result was the most extreme instance of hyperinflation in history that beggared Germany and laid the groundwork for the rise of the Nazi dictatorship.

Like Germany of nine decades ago, America finds itself in an intractable recession accompanied by crippling levels of national debt occasioned by decades of irresponsible deficit spending. And the only solution that the Powers that Be can conjure up is — more debts and deficits, accompanied by the inevitable monetization that will ruin the value of our currency.




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